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Beautiful Community Collaboration - Tracton Arts and Music Festival

Create Lasting Memoriesof Your Special Event

Whether it's an inspiring intuitive team building workshop, a private family  gathering or any special occasion such as a birthday, retirement party, christening, wedding, or a lively festival, amccreativity are here to facilitate and add a magical touch.


Additionally, amccreativity extends services to school events, such as leaving class celebrations or teacher retirements.

Discover a distinctive and personal way to commemorate your event, gathering, or special occasion.


Engage your guests or team members in the creation of a singular piece of collaborative intuitive art, blending various artistic skills and using a diverse range of art materials on one expansive canvas.


This exclusive collaboration occurs in the comfort of your chosen venue or your own home. We'll oversee the session, providing all necessary art materials, along with aprons and gloves as needed.


Once the artwork is finished, it can be professionally photographed, printed in any size, and skillfully mounted and framed according to your specific preferences.

As an alternative, consider treating yourself or a loved one to a captivating Intuitive Art workshop.

We also  provide a range of creative options, including Individual 1:1/1:2 small group  Intuitive Art Workshops designed to unlock your creativity.


No artistic knowledge or experience required!

Tracton Arts and Music Festival
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