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Wedding Event

"Terry from came to our wedding to help our guests create a collaborative art piece.
We wanted an activity for our friends and family that was a little bit different.
Terry helped everyone add something to the page. Even the people who said they weren’t artistic were able to join in.
People were reluctant to cover anyone else’s marks but Terry explained the layering process and the result was fantastic!
We have a piece of art that is totally unique. It is so special to think of our wedding day, this is such a personal piece – we love it!
At first we were a little worried about messy pastels and our guests in their dresses but Terry provided gloves and baby wipes.
It was actually great fun to get stuck into making this, it was so different from anything else I have seen at weddings, everyone really enjoyed it!”
Molly & Mike, June 2023

Textile Artist

Workshop Participant 

“I work as a textile artist and had been "stuck" for a while in my own work and felt that it had gone stale.  Doing Terry's painting workshop really helped to clear this and I've started creating new textile work since.  It opened me up to a new avenue for creating as I've continued to paint.  This is amazing for me as I never thought I could paint. I found the sessions relaxing and fun and Terry created a very supportive and safe environment which allowed me to let myself go and just experience the process of using paint as a means of expression.  I was gently guided and new techniques were introduced in a very subtle way so I never felt I had to do anything. I would definitely do this workshop again and have continued painting since completing the workshop.”


Workshop Participant

"I decided to do a workshop with Terry but was anxious about the process of intuitive expression as I didn’t know much about it. A large blank canvass was daunting. I needn’t have worried. Terry put me at ease immediately and explained that there’s no right or wrong, good or bad, only what feels right. That really took the pressure off having to produce something I’d like or even finish. I worked for over 4 hours but it flew. Terry guided me through the process and gently offered advice throughout. I left feeling exhilarated. I’d highly recommend trying his workshop."

Humanistic Counsellor

Workshop Participant

“The word that springs to mind about Terry is Generosity. He is generous with his time, ideas and materials! However he does not push his ideas of what you should paint and refrains from advice or influence. Doing a workshop with Terry felt very non-judgemental and because of that I was able to relax, try things out and take some paint risks! I felt like a big kid in a paint shop throwing colours literally at the canvas. I would recommend a workshop with Terry, you won't regret it”.

Family Collaboration 

"Spent a fantastic few hours last week creating something incredible with my family. host workshops to allow families, friends, colleagues etc. create a moment in time. My family and I created something very special that we will remember forever. Such a beautiful way to spend an afternoon, making memories with 3 generations of our family. We all loved the experience and will be forever grateful.

I would highly recommend this to anyone. Ideal for weddings, family and/or friends gettogethers, team building events and many more.

Thank you so much"

EU Cultural, Educational & Urban Project Consultant


"I've really enjoyed working with Terry. I've learned that he is a great motivator and group leader. His outstanding ability to find solutions that takes things ahead mixed with his super cool temper makes a perfect match when having challenging situations on major projects. I've seen, and heard, Terry's skills in both business and especially in music where his heart belongs". 

External Expert EU Commission

"Terry is a committed and enthusiastic professional with a strongly developed set of interpersonal skills. He has extensive experience in project management, quality approaches and people management. He has a focused strategic orientation and always combines clear aims with specific targets and expected outcomes. In all the various projects we have undertaken over the years at both national and European levels, Terry has shown a strong commitment to teamwork and collaboration. He is an exceptional communicator and facilitator. Terry is a warm and approachable person with whom it is always a pleasure to cooperate".


Waterside Counselling (UK)

"Terry has been inspirational as well as a massive assett to me personaly and professionaly. He is loyal, trustworthy and great fun to have around. His talent for music and his enthusiasm for life touches all those who know him, and I am gifted to have him in my life".


Workshop Participant 

“Absolutely I would recommend this workshop to everyone, you don’t have to have no art degree for this. It’s just paint what you feel. So I would have no problem recommending this course to anyone. Thank you so much for a great 4 weeks hope to do it all again”
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